Organizational Structure and Governance for which GTS will co-manage in a turn-key fashion the inception of each project. Creation of revenue analytics-metric specific for Trauma.

  • Service Line Development
  • Co-Management Structure
  • Trauma Performance Enhancement
  • Trauma Incubation Center


A system that is personnel oriented is by streamline design, adaptability with a level of transparency and accountability that is necessary in a field that evolves at such a break-neck pace.

  • Enhanced Current System
  • Personnel Driven Systems
  • Streamlined, Adaptable
  • Transparency, Accountability


It takes three groups to provide comprehensive and cost effective Orthopaedic care:  The Hospitals, the Surgeons, and the Professional Management/Office staff.

  • Surgeon Led Leadership
  • Proven Skills of Success
  • References Given Upon Request
  • A Model that Excels Above All